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Why Hydraulic Spanner is Needed for Replacing Plate Heat Exchanger

For plate heat exchangers, special hydraulic wrenches are essential. Paper tells us why special hydraulic wrenches must be used.
For a brand-new plate heat exchanger, fastening screw is essential to install, and the damaged plate heat exchanger also needs to be re-disassembled for secondary installation. Whether the fixed effect is good or not largely determines the efficiency of the machine. Using special hydraulic wrench, the plates and splints in the machine can be firmly squeezed together.
General professional operators will carry special hydraulic wrenches for installation and maintenance. In the process of locking, we must strictly follow the provisions of the product instructions to operate. In the process of pressing, we must pay attention to two key points. In order to ensure that the machine is evenly loaded, the reaction rod is placed in the designated position. When turning the wrench twisting rod, it must be carried out within the specified range of use. In addition, the pressure gauge should be observed at any time to know the magnitude of the torque force. When the first tightening operation is completed, the pressure should be zero and the reversing valve should be tightened twice after pulling the direction.




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